On Nov. 10, 2016, Justin Trudeau said he was “more than happy” to renegotiate NAFTA with incoming President Donald Trump in order to strengthen and improve the agreement.

On Monday October 1st, he signed an agreement that is worse for Canadians than NAFTA by almost every measure.

Justin Trudeau said he wanted to negotiate a better NAFTA deal with Donald Trump. There is virtually nothing in USMCA that puts Canada in a better position. He backed down on automotives, giving Donald Trump exactly what he wanted: limits on how many cars Canada can export to the United States. He backed down on dairy, giving Donald Trump exactly what he wanted: More market share for American exporters and less business for Canadians. He backed down on pharmaceuticals, giving Donald Trump exactly what he wanted: Higher prices and bigger profits for American drug companies. For all of these concessions to Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau was unable to win anything significant in return: Buy American provisions remain, shutting out Canadian companies from bidding on American government contracts. Tariffs remain on steel, aluminum, and softwood lumber – with no timeline or plan for lifting them. Conservatives will hold Justin Trudeau to account for his many concessions to Donald Trump and his failure to win any back for Canadians.