Justin Trudeau’s Summer of Failure

Another beautiful Canadian summer has come to an end. The kids are back to school, life is resuming its usual busy pace, and MPs are back in Ottawa for the fall session of Parliament.

Justin Trudeau was probably looking forward to this summer. After a disastrous spring and a difficult past 12 months, it was an opportunity for him to refresh and move on from the scandals and failures that have plagued his government. However, instead of a summer of redemption, Canadians got Justin Trudeau’s summer of failure.

It started with illegal border crossers. Justin Trudeau appointed a new Minister in charge of Border Security to fix the mess he created at the border this summer but the Liberals still have no idea how to stop people from illegally entering the country. And just a few weeks ago, new data was released showing that Justin Trudeau’s mess at the border is causing major delays and backlogs throughout the entire immigration system.

And then an even bigger failure. With the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion on the brink of collapse, he spent $4.5 billion in taxpayer money to buy it from its shareholders. But after promising Canadians he would get it built, the courts brought the project to a grinding halt. Not one centimeter has been built.

Further on the issue of jobs, we learned that Justin Trudeau’s high taxes and overregulation could cost Canada more than 600,000 jobs over the next 10 years if Canada continues to plow ahead with policies that chase away investment and discourage growth.

On ethics, yet another Liberal Minister, this time former Fisheries Minister Dominic Leblanc, was found guilty of breaking conflict of interest laws when he intervened in the granting of a fishing license to a company with family and Liberal Party ties.

These are major failures that impact the safety and livelihoods of millions Canadians. And Conservatives aren’t going to let Justin Trudeau get away with them.
His summer of failure will be front and center this fall as we hold the Liberals to account. And more importantly, we will demonstrate to Canadians that Conservatives are ready to lead this great country.

Here is exactly how our leader, Andrew Scheer, is stepping up to provide the leadership Canadians expect: Step 1: Appoint a Ministerial Special Representative to complete the indigenous consultation process. Enact emergency legislation to affirm that Transport Canada’s analysis of tanker traffic was sufficient and does not need to be duplicated by the National Energy Board. Request a stay of the Federal Court of Appeal ruling and appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court of Canada. Support Bill S-245 to clarify that the pipeline is under federal jurisdiction.

Step 2: When elected in 2019 a Conservative Government will repeal the Liberal Carbon Tax, repeal Bill C-69 a.k.a the Anti-Pipeline Bill, end the ban on shipping traffic on the North Coast of British Columbia, enact legislation that will clarify the roles of proponents and governments that are involved in consultations, and ensure that standing is given only to those with expertise or who are directly impacted by the project in order to end foreign-funded interference in regulatory hearings. This will provide certainty to investors on approval timelines and schedules and will kick start Canada’s economy.

Conservatives are ready to lead.