FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sad Week in the House of Commons

Sad Week in the House of Commons

June 16, 2016
Throughout the past week, Prime Minister Trudeau’s Liberal government has shown that it is completely unwilling to support any motion or bill that the Opposition puts forward. From denying that the atrocities ISIS is committing are genocide, to refusing to create a National Organ Donor Registry that will save lives, the Liberals have made it clear that partisanship trumps cooperation and common sense.

The United States Congress, the Obama Administration, the UK Parliament, and most recently the United Nations, have all stated that ISIS’ actions constitute genocide. It is shameful that the Liberal government is playing politics with such an important issue.

“The Liberal government is clearly standing alone on the wrong side of history. To be one of the only western democracies who haven’t come out and clearly labeled this what it is – genocide – only further harms Canada’s once strong moral standing in the world,” said MP Harold Albrecht.

The motion the Liberal government defeated read as follows: “That the House agree that ISIS is responsible for: (a) crimes against humanity aimed at groups such as Christians, Yezidis, and Shia Muslims, as well as other religious and ethnic minorities in Syria and Iraq; (b) utilizing rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war and enslaving women and girls; and (c) targeting gays and lesbians who have been tortured and murdered; and, as a consequence, that the House strongly condemn these atrocities and declare that these crimes constitute genocide.”

Furthermore, the Liberal government whipped a vote and forced their MPs to vote against Bill C-223: An Act to establish the Canadian Organ Donor Registry and to coordinate and promote organ donation throughout Canada.

“My colleague from Edmonton-Manning worked very hard on this legislation, resulting from his own experience with organ donation which helped save the life of his young son. I’ve had my own experience with the lifesaving process of organ donation and I cannot understand why the Liberals have killed this bill before properly studying at committee,” said MP Albrecht.