April 13th, 2017
Ottawa, ON
Office of Harold Albrecht, MP
Today, the Liberals introduced legislation that will outline their plan to legalize marijuana. Justin Trudeau said he wants to keep pot out of the hands of kids – but his plan to legalize marijuana is a promise to pot smokers, not parents. He has not given any credible reasons as to why Canada should normalize the use of marijuana.

The Liberal Plan includes:

• Marijuana to be available to teenagers above the age of 18
• The ability for one person to poses and ‘share’ up to 30 grams at any one time
• Edible, flavoured, and candied Cannabis to be made available in the future
• Allowing Canadians to grow 4 marijuana plants in their homes

One of the main reasons the Liberals claim that legalization is necessary, is because Canada’s youth are smoking more marijuana than ever. This is not true! Programs to discourage kids from using marijuana have been working. The Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse says that for youth ages 15-24, marijuana use has dropped from 33% to 24%.
Harold Albrecht, MP for Kitchener-Conestoga, has held meetings both in the Waterloo Region and in Ottawa with drug recognition experts and other members of the police community. Public safety should be at the heart of the Liberal plan to legalize and normalize marijuana use in Canada; however, that does not seem to be the case with their reckless plan.
Unlike the Liberals, the Conservative Party has adopted a responsible approach to make minor marijuana possession a ticketable offence. This is a position that has been recommended by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.
MP Albrecht will continue to raise serious questions as Justin Trudeau’s plan to bring marijuana to corner stores across Canada moves forward.
“I don’t know any parents who would support and encourage their children to use recreational drugs. This plan to legalize marijuana is sending the wrong message to all Canadians, but especially to our youth!” – Harold Albrecht MP for Kitchener-Conestoga