FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kitchener-Conestoga Overwhelmingly Supports a Referendum on Electoral Reform

Last month Harold Albrecht’s office sent out literature to every household and business in his riding that included an opportunity to respond indicating support or rejection of a referendum before any change is made to Canada’s electoral system. A total of 1175 constituents responded and of those 1056 indicated support of a referendum, 113 rejected that a referendum was necessary, and 6 were undecided.

The deadline for submission of documents to the Special Committee studying Electoral Reform was September 30th and the results of this ‘mini-referendum’ was submitted to the committee for their consideration.

“We had an incredible amount of constituents respond to our HouseHolder and the results were very clear, 90 per cent of respondents believe that the Liberal Government must hold a referendum before making any changes to our electoral system. My office decided not to host a town hall on Electoral Reform because we knew that there was no way that we could hear from everyone in my constituency who wanted to share – this HouseHolder went out to every household and gave everyone the opportunity to share their ideas along with indicating their support or rejection of a referendum. I have corresponded with constituents and met with stakeholders on this topic over the past year – listening too and considering all points of view. It has been my view from the start, and the responses I have received from my constituents have only made it more clear – if you want to change the rules of democracy, every Canadian must have a say.”

Harold Albrecht, MP