For Immediate Release: Harold Albrecht Stands Up For Ultra Low Cost Air Carriers

September 23, 2016
Ottawa, ON
Office of Harold Albrecht, MP
Harold Albrecht, MP Kitchener-Conestoga

This morning during Question Period I petitioned the Minister of Transport on the actions his Government has taken against Ultra Low Cost Carrier’s in Canada. As a Member of Parliament from the Waterloo Region and who’s constituency is home to Waterloo Region International Airport this matter is of great importance to me. Not only is the Liberal Government standing in the way of private enterprise, they are withholding a progressive, low-cost option for thousands of Canadians. I have, and will continue to support the request for an exemption to the current rules under subsection 62c of the Canada Transportation Act – allowing Jetline to obtain a licence to increase the foreign ownership threshold to 49%.

(Question 1)
Mr. Speaker, in February 2016, the Canada Transportation Act review report was tabled in this House. It has recommended that Canada’s foreign ownership limit be increased to 49% to allow other carriers to provide improved air transportation for Canadians. In spite of a strong business case, strong market demand, and the overwhelming support of airports and municipalities, including the Regional Municipality of Waterloo, the minister has chosen not to take action.
Why is the minister standing in the way of job growth?
(Question 2)
Mr. Speaker, the Liberals claim to stand up for the middle class. However, the recent non-action by the transport minister on foreign ownership rules for air carriers means that middle-class Canadians will continue to have poor airport service and pay higher fees. The clear recommendation of the Canadian Transport Act review would reduce costs and give better service for middle-class Canadians who use the Waterloo regional airport in my riding of Kitchener—Conestoga.
Why is the minister ignoring them?
You can find my questions raised this morning below either on YouTube or on my Facebook page: