FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Harold Albrecht Responds to Budget 2016

March 22nd, 2016
Ottawa, Ontario
Office of Harold Albrecht, MP
Harold Albrecht expects Government to keep their election promises

Harold Albrecht, Member of Parliament for Kitchener Conestoga pre-emptively commenting on the release of Budget 2016: “The Liberal Government was elected on a commitment to run three consecutive 10 billion dollar deficits and then balance the books by the end of their term in 2019. Contrary to what the Government has been saying about the ‘cupboards’ being left empty – the Parliamentary Budget Officer, the Department of Finance and the New Democratic Party all confirm the fact that our Conservative Government left this Liberal Government with a surplus. If they break this commitment of limiting their deficit to 10 billion dollars and show they are unable to shown fiscal restraint – who knows where they will stop with their out of control spending”

“The economy is not growing as fast we’d all like, but that isn’t a license to spend billions of dollars we don’t have” Albrecht continued.
Months after the election Harold sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Minister of Transportation, and Minister of Infrastructure reminding them of the promise they made to the constituents in the Waterloo Region that a Liberal Government would make investments into an all-day two-way GO Transit line from Toronto to the region. The Government again repeated their commitment to increased infrastructure spending in their Speech from the Throne.

“The Prime Minister and his Finance Minister must make good on their promises to my constituents and all residents of the Waterloo Region. To go back on this promise while billions are being spent elsewhere would be a huge violation of trust between the Government and Canadians” Albrecht said.

Over the past 10 years our Conservative Government helped to create around 1.3 million net new jobs—the most jobs per capita in the G7. These were high-quality jobs, with 80% of them full-time and 80% of them in the private sector.
Albrecht continued: “the Waterloo Region is full of start-up companies, small and medium sized businesses. These job creators use stock-options. If the Liberal Government decides to tax stock-options for these job creators we run the very real risk of losing highly innovative entrepreneurs.”
The Minister of Finance will rise in the House of Commons at approximately 4:00pm this afternoon and present the Liberal Government’s first budget. All interview requests, Budget responses etc. should be sent to the contact information below.