FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Harold Albrecht condemns reversal of conviction

December 29th, 2015
Kitchener, Ontario
Office of Harold Albrecht, MP
Harold Albrecht, MP Kitchener-Conestoga, condemns reversal of conviction

Albrecht said: “The Decision of an Appeals Court that reversed the conviction of Milchert-Dinkel who had been previously convicted of assisting in the suicide of Nadia Kajouji is a further indication of our devaluation of human life.”

According to earlier reports, Melchert-Dinkel admitted to encouraging dozens of people to kill themselves and had entered into 10 to 11 suicide pacts online. Prosecutors allege Melchert-Dinkel estimated that he had assisted as many as five people in committing suicide.

While transcripts of Kajouji’s online chats showed that in the weeks before her death, she was encouraged to hang herself in front of a webcam as part of a suicide pact by someone going by the name “Cami D”, the court ruled Melchert-Dinkel didn’t give specific instructions to Kajouji, who jumped off a bridge in Ottawa.

Albrecht continued: “To allow Melchert-Dinkel off on the technicality that Kajouji did not follow his specific instructions to her death, is a sad commentary on our commitment to justice and the protection of those among us who are the most vulnerable. My thoughts and prayers are with the Nadia’s family who have endured this needless tragedy and now will need to relive this sad chapter of their lives. While nothing will restore Nadia’s life to them, at least there was some solace in the fact that a strong deterrent message had been sent to Melchert-Dinkel and other potential predators.”

Albrecht tabled Motion388 subsequently adopted by Parliament, which dealt with the issue of internet predators. He also introduced Bill C300 calling on the Federal Government to create a Federal Framework for Suicide Prevention. Bill C300 received Royal Assent in December of 2012. Albrecht also co-chaired the all party Committee on Palliative and Compassionate care which devoted an entire section of their report Not to Be Forgotten to suicide prevention. He is committed to continuing his efforts on suicide prevention and mental health issues and will champion causes which protect the sacred gift of human life.

Executive Director of the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention Tana Nash adds, “as Nadia’s brother told Radio-Canada, the latest decision in the case illustrates the shortcoming of the law and the need for clearer and more concrete guidelines that reflect the age of modern technology.” Nash continued, “as a caring community, we need to protect those that are vulnerable from predators who seek out potential victims on line.”
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