Year in Review Op-ed

The Conservative Party of Canada has had a strong, successful 2016 as the Official Opposition.

Our focus last year was: firstly to be the voice of the taxpayer, second to continue to be the only party to oppose the Liberal agenda of uncontrolled spending and deficits that has already led to higher taxes, and thirdly, to hold the Liberals accountable for their misguided and risky economic plans.

We said we would keep our tone respectful, but come out swinging against a Government that has shown shocking arrogance and elitism, has not been transparent, and isn’t interested in the views of everyday working people and their families.

In all of these areas, Conservatives have been hard at work; doing what Canadians expect and deserve of the Official Opposition. We are a united, effective opposition, doing our job- holding the government to account and proposing good ideas.

Justin Trudeau has had a lot of fun in his first year as Prime Minister, but now the fun is over and it’s time to get down to serious work.
Over the past year, 30,000 full time jobs have been lost in Canada. Justin Trudeau has enjoyed talking about helping the middle class, but there have been no new full time jobs created since he was first elected as Prime Minister. With the change of governance across the border, Justin Trudeau must get serious about securing Canadian jobs in the face of protectionism and lower taxes for businesses in the United States.

The Liberal Government has put Canada $100 billion more in debt – blowing through Justin Trudeau’s campaign promise to only borrow a few billion dollars to create jobs. His spending is uncontrolled, and taxes are going up to pay for it. Justin Trudeau has enjoyed claiming that he’s reduced taxes, but he has continued piling new taxes onto Canadian families.

The new Carbon Tax and CPP tax hike are here to stay: all the while Justin Trudeau is slashing tax-free savings accounts, and eliminated tax credits for kids’ soccer and dance classes, and textbooks. Now he’s thinking about taxing health and dental plans too. It’s time for Justin Trudeau to get serious about lowering taxes.

The issue of unethical fundraising has come to the forefront in Canadian media as Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have continued to dodge accountability on their cash-for-access fundraising. Justin Trudeau has enjoyed collecting big donations at parties with billionaires in exchange for access to him, but it’s time to get serious about ethics. Justin Trudeau’s cash-for-access fundraising is wrong and potentially illegal. He needs to put a stop to it.

We will continue to hold Justin Trudeau accountable for raising taxes, introducing policies that have stalled job growth and his questionable ethics.