Fall Economic Update Response

Today Finance Minister Bill Morneau unveiled his fall economic update.

He confirmed that Justin Trudeau is running massive deficits, and that the Prime Minister has more money to spend because he’s raising taxes on you, middle class Canadians.

Over the last several months the Liberals have laid out a plan to raise taxes on Small Businesses, employees in the retail and fast food sectors, and more recently – Canadians living with type 1 diabetes.

These are Canadians that this Government said they would help – and now they’re using them to fund their out of control spending.

Justin Trudeau and his finance minister talk of “fairness” – there is absolutely nothing fair about these changes.

Let me be perfectly clear – Justin Trudeau and his Finance Minister cannot be trusted.

They now insist that they are scaling back the planned tax changes and their proposals were for discussion purposes! Really?

Then why actually present draft legislation with a retroactive come into force date of July 18th?

We know this climb down is a result of our strong principled Conservative opposition and the groundswell of Canadians who are weary of this Liberal Government.

Their hidden agenda has been and always will be to increase taxes on Canadians.

They need your money to pay for their out of control spending.

Our Conservative team has been fighting this high-tax agenda every step of the way. And we will continue to stand up for hardworking Canadians.